Urban Accents TriColour Popcorn 454g

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For a great snacking experience choose our non-GMO Tricolour Popcorn Kernels — its a festive blend of ruby red, indigo blue and white gold kernels.



1. Measure popcorn and oil into pan or popper:

  • 3-qt popper – 1/3 cup popcorn, 2 Tbsp oil
  • 4-qt popper – 1/2 cup popcorn, 3 Tbsp oil

2. Cover and heat: leave the pan lid slightly open to allow steam to escape.
3. When the popping begins to slow, remove from heat or unplug the popper.
4. Season with any one of our wonderful Popcorn Seasonings… sweet or savoury there’s something for everyone!

(We hate food waste, so although these are Best Before 12 March 2022. - they're still damn tasty! Click here for more info)