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Buddha Teas Organic Parsley Leaf Infusion (18 tea bags)

24 g
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Parsley offers a strong and impressive flavour that makes for a stimulating savoury herbal drink.

Caffeine Free

Ingredients: Organic Parsley Leaf.

Parsley Leaf Benefits

Many people know parsley as a garnish or an herbal ingredient in European-style dishes, but parsley leaf tea infusion is possibly one of its most underrated uses. Parsley is a member of the same family as celery, carrots and parsnip. It is native to the Mediterranean, and today its culinary uses have led to its cultivation worldwide. Humans have grown parsley for several thousand years. The ancient Greeks and Romans wore crowns made of parsley at parties and sporting events. Parsley leaf infusions benefits from the bold, distinct flavour known to parsley, which makes for a very dynamic herbal drink. Many people enjoy it with a little honey or lemon.

Buy Parsley Leaf Tea For Less

Take a look at our prices: The more boxes you buy in one order, the less you’re paying per bag. Buying in bulk makes sense, not only to save money, but to keep your tea shelf well-supplied. For more variety, try adding in another great infusion from our selection, allowing you to vary the tea you drink each day.

The more you buy, the more you save. Also, be sure to look for special coupon codes on our product pages.

Need A Gift Idea? Give Buddha Teas

Parsley infusion is an ideal gift for anyone you know who enjoys a quality moment with a quality tea or infusion. Buy in bulk and you’ll always have a box on hand for any gift-giving occasion that manages to sneak up on you. Give it for special occasions or to show your gratitude or congratulations.

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