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Buddha Teas Organic Marshmallow Leaf Infusion (18 tea bags)

27 g
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The marshmallow plant, also known as the marshmallow, is a species of flowering herb that originated in Africa and now grows in damp places around the world.

Caffeine Free

Ingredients: Organic Marshmallow Leaf.

Marshmallow Leaf Benefits

For most people, the word marshmallow conjures up the thought of a sugary white treat, but few people know about the plant behind it all. Unsurprisingly, the marshmallow belongs to the mallow family. Once limited to Africa, marshmallow is now widespread throughout Europe, Asia and North America. These plants thrive in damp environments, such as in swamps, marshes and bogs, as is indicated by their name. Modern-day marshmallow is commonly used in landscaping. To the ancient Egyptians, however, its most valuable part was the root, which served as a food source, and was used to create the sugary confectionery that would eventually become the modern marshmallow. Marshmallow herbal teas and infusions are made from the leaves and have a fresh, mildly sweet flavour and a pleasant aroma. Drink it on its own or add a bit of sugar or honey for a delightfully sweet herbal brew.

Buy Marshmallow Tea

Buddha Teas offers a fresh marshmallow infusion made from high-quality marshmallow leaves. We take pride in offering all-natural herbal drinks that are packaged in bleach-free tea bags. Purchase marshmallow teas today and receive a coupon code to save money or purchase in bulk to save even more money.

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