Koeze Cream-Nut Smooth Peanut Butter 368g


Koeze Company has been crafting exceptional, all-natural, old-fashioned peanut butter since 1925! Little has changed since then. They still use the same recipe and they still pay attention to every detail, just like they have for over 90 years. Their peanut butters are made on a vintage line of equipment that slow roasts and slow grinds our premium peanuts into the best peanut butter you have ever tasted!

The Cream-Nut brand is made with only two ingredients: Virginia variety peanuts and sea salt. Nothing else.

Remember to stir well when first opening, as the oils will naturally separate. Please also note that because of the traditional methods used in grinding Koeze Smooth Peanut Butter, it may still contain small pieces of peanut and will not be completely 'smooth'.

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