Buddha Teas Organic Corn Silk Infusion (18 tea bags)

24 g

Corn silk is a truly unique brew crafted from the silk strands of an ear of corn. With a smooth and savoury flavour, this infusion makes a special addition to any tea collection.

Caffeine Free

Ingredients: Organic Corn Silk.

Corn Silk Benefits

If you have any experience with removing the husk from an ear of corn, you're certainly familiar with the long silk strands peeking out from under the husk. Although it may surprise you, those silky tassels, which are often tossed with the rest of the husk, are actually useful in their own right. Corn is one of the most significant of the North American grains, and historically a food staple of numerous Native American tribes. Even still, few people know that these tribes did not only harvest corn to eat the kernels, but also saved the corn silk to brew as herbal teas and infusions. Corn silk is subtle and smooth, with a mild taste that makes drinking it a pleasant experience. Honey or lemon makes an excellent addition to enhance the flavour.

Buy Corn Silk Tea

With so much of today's produced corn being genetically modified, Buddha Teas goes the extra mile to ensure that our corn silk is all certified organic and GMO-free, guaranteeing a refreshing natural tisane for you to delight in. This herb is a wonderful infusion option that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Purchase a box of corn silk or stock up and buy in bulk to save on future purchases. Our teas and infusions are all natural and packaged in bleach free tea bags and are guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.

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