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Buddha Teas Organic Bitter Melon (18 tea bags)

27 g
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Bitter melon is a member of the gourd family native to Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. It is a popular food ingredient in many of these countries and creates a truly unique herbal infusion.

Caffeine Free

Ingredients: Organic Bitter Melon.

Bitter Melon Benefits

This uncommon infusion has been made using fruit and seeds of the bitter melon, also known as the bitter gourd or bitter squash. The bitter melon is a vine like plant that is native to Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. The fruit it produces are similar to cucumbers in size and colour, although they are somewhat narrower with a warty, uneven surface. As its name suggests, this fruit is bitter in taste though when brewed. While some may doctor its taste with sweeteners and other herbs, in many countries, bitter melon is frequently used in food and even prized for its flavour. In Okinawa, bitter melon is known as "goya", and is a popular ingredient in many traditional recipes, even used to make a variety of soft drinks.

Buy Bitter Melon Tea

Those willing to give bitter melon a try are sure to find it a worthwhile herbal experience. Our bitter melon infusion is made using certified organic bitter melon without using any kind of flavourings, additives or artificial ingredients. Buy bitter melon in bulk and save using our limited coupon codes. All Buddha Teas are 100% organic and packaged in eco-friendly boxes.

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