Munchy Crunchy Protein


Many years ago, Christy and Chuck took the plunge and completely eliminated meat from their diet. Since doing so, they have experienced increased health and vitality, whilst making a positive environmental impact.

Along with the many benefits of their unique plant-based meal toppers, they also wanted a healthy, flavoured snack. Their criteria - lot's of plant-based protein, made with simple and healthy ingredients and have an amazing crunch and taste!

Christy and Chuck headed back to the kitchen to create their Munchy Crunchy Protein Snacks. They settled on 3 delicious flavours - Salted Caramel, Rockin' Ranch and Chillin' Chipotle. Whether your taste leans towards savoury, spicy, or sweet, Munchy Crunchy have you snack needs covered with delicious nutrition.

Great for all ages - pop it in your kid's lunchbox for an extra protein kick. Satisfying in every way and, most importantly, packed with plant-based protein. Stock up now!