Grandy Oats


The Grandy Oats mission is quite a simple one. They are committed to:

  • Creating delicious, organic products
  • Never using artificial ingredients
  • Making and using renewable energy
  • Building strong, personal connections and relationships
  • Having fun and keeping it real!

The team at Grandy Oats know that Granola is commonly understood as a breakfast cereal, but Real Granolas are a group of people committed to living a natural, healthy, intentional lifestyle. Their company values represent a way of life which nourishes people, the planet, and communities. Real Granolas don't waiver from the free-spirited thinking that emerged in the 1960's to champion environmental causes, and to challenge corporations who place their interests above people and the planet. Real Granolas is a term which speaks to the authenticity of their products, to the people who create them, and to the people who enjoy them.

Their granola wisdom states that "the purest pleasures are found off the beaten path". The rivers and mountains of Maine have shaped the spirit of their company and the products they make. Their rural location provides a beautiful, wholesome place to live, to make organic products and to (most importantly) go on adventures. Located in Hiram, Maine, Grancy Oats are proud to be the town's largest employer. 

Grandy Oats are passionate about their core values being reflected in everything they do, from sourcing ingredients to the policies they establish for their team. The ideals that inspired their journey are still essential to keeping them on course for the years ahead. Grandy Oats has made a promise to its family of workers and to you - these #RealGranolas plan on always keeping it real!

Let Grandy Oats fuel your next adventure - try their delicious range in three exciting flavours: Original, Chocolate Chunk and Super Hemp Blend.