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Order & delivery questions

What's the minimum order?

We don't have a minimum order amount, but orders under £15 have a £5 picking and postage charge, and orders between £15 and £30 have a £3 picking and postage charge. Orders over £30 are sent free. (Orders to Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man have a flat rate of £10 for any order size; Ireland flat rate is £20). Click here for more info.

When will I receive my order?

Orders are processed on the day you purchase (except weekends), so you should expect to see your order within 2-4 days. Orders placed at the weekend will be processed Monday, for delivery Tuesday or Wednesday. Clearly we are all experiencing a whole new way of living and working at the moment, so please excuse us if a delivery takes an extra day or so. Drop us a line if you have any concerns and we'll be happy to share the tracking information so you can see where your order is.

Why do you sell food that's past its Best Before date?

Put simply - we hate food waste. Far too much perfectly good food is thrown away these days, so we're doing our bit to help. Most of our products will come to you with at least 3 months shelf life, and in some cases, well over a year. However, occasionally we'll have items that are approaching, or just past, their Best Before date, but are still perfectly ok to eat. We reduce the price on these products and are completely transparent about the Best Before date on them so you can make an informed decision. It's important to stress at this point that 'Best Before' and 'Use By' are very different things. Best Before is an indicator of quality, where as Use By is an indicator of safety. All our products are 'Best Before' products only, i.e. we don't sell items such as dairy or meat that would otherwise have Use By dates on.

Depending on the packaging and type of product, we will often keep an item on 'sale' until it sells out, or up to approximately 6 months after its initial Best Before date has elapsed. However, in a global effort to reduce food waste, and if packed and stored correctly, some products, such as dries or powdered goods, can be sold for up to 3 years after their initial Best Before date has passed. Under these circumstances, and with approval from the manufacturer, it is now standard practice in shops and stores for the initial date to be covered (but with a removable sticker) with a new extended Best Before date, as guidance to the customer of when the absolute maximum date has been reached. What is not acceptable is for the initial date to be removed completely, as it must be clear to the customer that the date has been extended. Neither must both dates be visible at the same time, or this could lead to confusion as to which date to follow.

For further reading, please see the links below to the Food Standards Agency website for the legal regulations, and also the website for WRAP - the organisation working to improve sustainability and reduce waste around the world.

We welcome any questions you may have in this regard, and also highly recommend the App - Too Good To Go - who are helping to fight food waste from local restaurants and shops, etc., that would otherwise be thrown away.

About us

Who are we?

We're actually an importer and distributor of American speciality food called Buckley & Beale. Our main business is to supply speciality food retailers in the UK such as Wholefoods, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges. However, this means most of our products are only easy to buy if you live in London. So, as a result of the Covid 19 virus, we decided to make everything we import available on one easy to navigate website, and make it available to everyone across the whole of the UK. For more of our background please visit our main About Us page.

Do you offer wholesale?

Yes! You can contact us through our main website and request a trade application form - 


Contact us

To prevent receiving lots of spam we don't publish our email address, but you can get in touch by completing the form on our Contact us page and we'll get straight back to you.